• Devoted to Sustainability

    We maintain the highest standards of corporate citizenship and best safety practices for our people and the environment

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  • Positioned for Growth

    Using modern seismic technology on our high-quality oil and gas assets allows us to become a larger, smarter energy company

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  • Fueled by our People

    We are a leading independent energy company fueled by some of the brightest, most experienced professionals in the industry

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Passion in our pursuit

Talos Energy is an independent oil & gas company focused on offshore exploration and production. Our expertise is based upon acquiring assets in and around the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico regions with a high-emphasis on asset optimization, exploitation, and exploration.

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Smarter in our strategy

Talos Energy owns over 33,000 square miles of state-of-the-art 3D seismic data that substantially covers all of the acreage in our portfolio. On a proprietary basis, our technical team has reprocessed the data enabling us to optimize our drilling inventory and better evaluate acquisition and joint venture opportunities.


Our management and technical teams have spent the majority of their careers in the Gulf of Mexico and the lower Gulf Coast of Louisiana region. Over the last 70 years there has been a progression in advanced drilling techniques, well control and geophysical technology that has resulted in a definitive increase in exploration, development and exploitation activities in the area. The combination of utilizing these modern progressions and our extensive technical expertise allows us to be highly successful in this specific region.

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Performance by our people

Talos Energy maintains the independent spirit and entrepreneurial style that has positioned us to be a successful energy company. Our foundation and fundamentals begin with our people and there is no greater competitive advantage than the performance delivered by our hard working team members.